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Welcome to the winter slippers with leather soles information page!

UGG Leather Sole

Welcome to the information page for winter slippers with leather bottoms. You'll be able to find leather soled slippers also know as soft soled slippers and leather outsoles by UGG, EMU, Koolaburra, LAMO, Old Friends, Bearpaw, Warmbat, Minnetonka, Acorn, Staheekum, Cloud Nine and more....Click on one of the following links to jump straight to the brand you want to look at.

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Why are soft soled slippers so good?

  Many people that like to travel the world may slip into some comfotable leather soled slippers at the end of a long trip because they are, very light weight and can fit into the smallest of carry on bags. So next time your heading out for a trip, don't forget to grab your soft soled slippers on the way out the door. Leather soled silppers are a great idea for when you need to run outside and pick up the morning paper as they won't track in dirt or small pebbles. A great idea for camping because they are light weight. You can pack them up with your all you camp gear and they won't slow you down. People have been using the Acorn slippers socks and Acorn "Yahoo" slipper for camping sinec the 1980's.  


Mens soft soled slippers by LAMO
Winter Slippers

Womens soft soled slippers by LAMO
Slipper by LAMO

Childrens soft soled slippers by LAMO

LAMO, founded in 1995, has gone a long way developing sheepskin slippers.

Winter Slippers

UGG Logo

Womens leather soled slippers by UGG
Mens leather soled slippers by UGG

Childrens leather soled slippers by UGG
Winter Slippers By UGG

UGG slippers are made using only the highest quality, grade 'A' sheepskins, evident in the plush fleece and smooth hides.


Minnetonka Logo

Winter slippers for men by Minnetonka that have leather soles


Winter slippers for kids by minnetonka that have leather soles

Minnetonka style moccasins have been worn since our ancestors created them from animal skins many decades ago. Today, millions of people all over the world continue to enjoy the casual comfort and pleasing style of this unique footwear.


Acorn Logo

Mens winter slipper with leather bottoms by Acorn



Womens winter slippers with leather bottoms by Acorn


Some things are meant to be enjoyed every day, and every season of the year. Like the unmatched comfort and easy style of Acorn.


Bearpaw Logo

Childrens winter slippers with leather bottoms by Bearpaw


Each and every pair of Bearpaw shoes, slippers, and boots are made to feel comfortable and look great.

EMU Logo

Leather soled winter slippers by EMU

EMU Slippers

Founded in 1994 by sheepskin footwear industry veteran Andrew Raggatt, EMU Ridge Australia Inc ("EMU"pronounced 'eem-you'), is an authentic Australian lifestyle footwear brand based on the most modern footwear technologies available dubbed "the most comfortable shoes in the world".


Old Friends Logo

Soft soled slippers by Old Friends


Old Friends are, as the name suggests, comfortable and reliable. They feel good and are priced to match. Natural Shearling from Australia that can be worn inside and out. There is no reason to have cold tootsies this winter!

Leather soled slippers are harder and harder to find it seems like these days. Many slipper manufactures have swiched to using rubber outsoles that look like leather. Here at we will countinue to try to bring you a great selection of leather soled slippers for years to come. Thank you for surfing with us and if you have any questions feel free to call our toll free customer service center.

Winter Slippers
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