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Sheepskin Vs. Fleece Slippers

Winter Slippers

Sheepskin, or wool, has clothed people for millennia, keeping them warm in wintry climates and comfortable in warmer environments. Also known as sherling, sheepskin continues to be a timeless choice. It is an extremely versatile fabric, and is used to make many kinds of clothing, from coats and hats to socks and gloves. Footwear has been one of the most popular uses for sheepskin; boots, slippers, and clogs made of sheepskin are valued for their comfort and style. Winter sheepskin slippers are preferred by many all over the world. Here at we specialize in sheepskin slippers. Bringing you brands like UGG Australia, Cloud Nine, Old Friends, and more.

Sheepskin can hold 10 times its weight in moisture. So if your feet are wet from the shower or moist from perspiration in the summer, sheepskin can wick away the moisture and keep your feet dry. Sheepskin slippers also insulate well keeping your feet warm all winter long. There is nothing like slipping on a cozy pair of sheepskin slippers during those cold winter nights.

Replacement Soles

The sheepskin insole will, over time conform to your foot. Leaving a nice little custom footprint inside your sheepskin slipper. The insoles of many styles can be replaced. Simply pull out the existing insole and replace it with your new insole. You can find replacement insoles in our store, and they are a great way to spruce up the sheepskin under your feet. Putting a new insole on top of the existing insole can be a good way to take up excess room inside the slipper or shoe if they ever stretch out. They can also replace the smell that can get trapped under your feet.

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Facts about Sheepskin:

  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling uncomfortable!
  • Wool is nature's own insulator, warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Wool is considered among the medical profession as hypoallergenic.
  • Sheepskin contains lanolin and will moisturize your feet when worn barefoot. In Australia and the US, the typical way to wear sheepskin footwear is without socks.

Fleece is soft to the touch, extremely light weight, dries quickly, still insulates when wet and pound for pound provides twice the insulation properties of merino wool and four times that of cotton. Its light weight helps insure that one perspires less thus remaining cooler and dryer during periods of inactivity and then retains the body's heat exceptionally well during periods of activity. The combination is perfect for the stop-and-go world of cold weather sports. The fabric is constructed of 100% polyester, much of which is in the form of recycled plastics from items such as soda bottles. Polyester is a hypoallergenic material. It doesn't absorb water, break down in appearance or absorb odors. Like the soda bottles it came from, fleece is also very durable and can last years and years.
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Acorn specializes in fleece slippers & are made in the good "ol" USA

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Facts about fleece!

  • Polar Fleece is made from recycled soda-pop bottles.
  • Two yards of fleece will keep 25 - 2 liter bottles out of landfills.
  • Polar Fleece breathes easily and is lightweight.
  • Polar Fleece resists the absorbtion of water.
  • Polar fleece does not ravel.

These are all good reasons why fleece creates such a warm and cozy winter slippers. Fleece slippers are great for camping, travel, or just around the house. Acorn specializes in manufacturing several styles of fleece slippers. Some of these styles have been around for several years. Check out Acorn slippers for all your winter slipper needs.

Sheepskin is great and so is Fleece!

The choice is yours. No matter which cozy slipper you decide to go with, we know you're going to love them.

Winter Slippers
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